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Driving Directions for the UK, US and Canada, Germany, France, Africa, Asia, Australia and New Zeland If you are looking for a route planner you have come to the right place..

There are a number of excellent places for finding driving directions and the best in one country or state might not be a good as other resources in other places. Therefore when planning your route, come here first and choose the driving directions site that has been given the most votes by your fellow drivers. That way, you will get from A to B as quickly and easily as possible.

Driving Directions in the UK from the Automobile Association

This is the most popular route planner in the UK

Driving directions in Canada from Freetrip

This is the most popular route planner in Canada

Driving directions in Germany from the ADAC

The ADAC is the german equivelent of the British Automobile Association and their route planner reflects the excellent German reputation for quality.


Driving directions in France from Route Map

Driving directions in the USA from Mapquest

Driving directions in Africa from TravelPackers

Driving directions in Asia from World Atlas

Driving directions in Australia from Travel mate

Driving directions in New Zealand from Wises Maps

All these sites of route planners and driving directions have been selected by locals who rate the routemaps provided as the best they have found. If you have a better driving directions site, please let us know. Alternatively, if you are looking for driving directions in a country not featured here, please let us know.

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