Commentary Driving

Commentary driving is a method for advanced driving which has been shown to improve safety, road handling and smooth control.

Improve your driving skills in a weekend

Commentary driving is basically talking while driving, and is a technique for improving many aspects of a drivers performance.

It is the subject that is important. The driver is supposed to keep up a running commentary of all hazards, actions, planning and observations.

How to practice commentary driving

A commentary could go something like:

"Car turning right ahead...approaching roundabout check mirrors... reduce speed...change down to second...mirrors... clear... car overtaking in the left lane...second exit..children playing on the pavement, 100 yards ahead, slowing down, change to third gear, rear mirror, right mirror, ", etc.

Getting over the embarrasment of talking out loud when there is nobody else in the car stops some people from bothering with the technique, but it must be done out load for maximum effect. The reason that commentary driving works is that the driver hears gaps in his or her running commentary and these correspond to gaps in attentiveness.

How effective is it at improving driving skills?

Basically you put yourself in the position of being in a test situation. For this reason it is perhaps the most effective technique for improving your own driving skills without paying anyone else.

This is a truly excellent technique which forces the driver to notice their own thoughts (or lack of them) while driving. Commentary driving is acknowledged as a major cause of increased in-car safety.